“I met Ginger at a time when I was moving through some major shifts in my life.  The QHHT session was really helpful in clearing some things that were holding me back, receiving clarity in other aspects of my life and recognizing some repeat patterns and receive some healing around those parts of my life.  I was also able to recognize some things I value in life now are consistent with the past lives I was shown.
The process I was taken through, I believe was more in depth and comprehensive than any other form of healing I have experienced.  Ginger provided a wealth of valuable insight towards the questions I had, and past and present experiences I wanted to explore and gain clarity on.
Ginger has a warm and gentle nature.  She really listens and takes time to understand and ensure questions asked during the session are clear. I am so grateful for this powerful experience!” – L. Schroeder, Winnipeg, MB 

- ‘More In-Depth and Comprehensive Than Any Other Form of Healing….’