“My friend asked me to describe my QHHT session with Ginger in one word. My answer – mindblowing. I recently had a session with Ginger and am still in the stage of letting the memories flow around me without giving them much direct thought or assessment. What has come into focus so far is stunningly revealing. The time to process the experience will come. Ginger’s voice provides a liquid silver path along which it is very easy to follow and float and flow. When she stopped speaking I was somewhat reluctant to let go. There were healing vibes simply in allowing myself to follow her guiding words. The session was so much more than what I could have imagined. I highly and sincerely recommend a QHHT session for everyone who has been drawn to this. I’m not saying you’ll have an experience like the hypnosis sessions on YouTube. You’ll have your own experience.” ~ Michele, Winnipeg

- Ginger’s voice provides a liquid silver path….