Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) utilizes visuals in the early stages of the method and throughout, as this is the pathway to accessing the subconscious, higher self.   This part of ourselves holds the answers to all of our questions.  Although there is no preparation required, you may choose to listen to a guided meditation in the days leading up to your session which involves closing your eyes and visualizing along with the meditation.

In the days leading up to your session…….

  • write down up to 10 you have about your life, your experiences, such as what you wish to gain clarity on, what you desire to release, as ten questions allows focus and delving deep into these areas.   This should include any issues you may be having with your body.
  • an additional list of points concerning life blocks and life patterns which don’t serve you, along with any issues you may be having. The questions will be posed to your higher self (soul self), following the past life experience(s).
  • submit a point form list of questions via email in the days leading up to the session which allows me opportunity to review and arrive to the pre-session interview with questions:  email

On the day of your session it is recommended…..

  • you wear comfortable, non restrictive clothing.
  • avoid consuming caffeinated products.
  • clearing your schedule the day of the session.

The pre-session interview period is utilized to review your questions and discuss pivotal points of your life.  The interview phase may range from two to three hours, as needed.  The following are some suggestions of question topics which may resonate for your own list:

  • issues with your health which are either felt or known.
  • life blocks which are felt such as not moving forward in particular areas of life.
  • why am I here and what is my purpose?
  • unexplained experiences.
  • dream state experiences – you may wish to understand the messages.
  • unusual experiences you haven’t yet figured out.
  • quirks about yourself that you can’t explain.
  • questions about family or friends who may be challenging you and whether the issue is unresolved from past life.
  • life path – am I on the right path?
  • lack of Joy in life.

The final suggestion to prepare for your session…..

  • let go and allow
  • I am merely your guide of a process that comes from within yourself
  • view the video ‘How to Have a Great QHHT Session’ under Session Prep Tools

Following your session….

    • there is a short discussion about your experiences, both visual and felt.
    • we discuss the value in listening to the recording of your session and how often.
    • drink plenty of water.
    • consume a meal soon after, as it will assist you in re-grounding.
    • an epsom salt bath in the days following your session is a wonderful additional cleanse.
    • driving distances following the session is not recommended.
    • you may experience a vivid dream state which may offer additional clarity which is an opportunity to ask additional questions.
    • you may experience some continued release following your session.  Rest when needed.

Your Session Recording….

Following your session, a connection with your Higher Self (Soul Self) will remain open for three days, three nights. This is an opportune time to ask questions of your Higher Self just prior to entering the sleep state, were you may receive more answers. It is after this period closes, this is best to first listen to your session. Listen as often as needed as the Higher Self of clients have shared that the ‘words’are important for the mind to hear again to make sense of their situation and the vibration and frequency of themselves in other lifetime experiences, and also as their Higher Self, are codes to keep the energetic body and cells in alignment. This also explains why you may notice your voice will shift a bit in tone in either the past life or the Higher Self state, or both. Each state, includes one’s waking self, have their own vibration and frequency. The more one chooses to listen the more all aspects of themselves stay in alignment.