Receiving a testimonial from a client quite often offers myself, and others, a glimpse into their experience, whether it be healing, discoveries of self, witnessing the origin of a cycle they wish to stop or simply trying to put their experience into words.  The subconscious, higher self, quite often says there are no words to apply to certain explanations…but we do try!   I appreciate all testimonials that I receive.  They are received much like the gift that they are, with gratitude.    To share your testimonial, please submit to higherselfqhht@protonmail.com.

“My friend asked me to describe my QHHT session with Ginger in one word. My answer – mindblowing. I recently had a session with Ginger and am still in the stage of letting the memories flow around me without giving them much direct thought or assessment. What has come into focus so far is stunningly revealing. The time to process the experience will come. Ginger’s voice provides a liquid silver path along which it is very easy to follow and float and flow. When she stopped speaking I was somewhat reluctant to let go. There were healing vibes simply in allowing myself to follow her guiding words. The session was so much more than what I could have imagined. I highly and sincerely recommend a QHHT session for everyone who has been drawn to this. I’m not saying you’ll have an experience like the hypnosis sessions on YouTube. You’ll have your own experience.” ~ Michele, Winnipeg, MB
WOW! Where do I start? I have a lot to say, although I will make it short and sweet.  I would like to start by saying that as soon as I met Ginger I felt comfortable and welcomed. Her space felt safe and warm.  I was guided gently to journey within and to allow my subconscious (my Inner Self Helper-ISH) to deliver the knowledge within me to transfer to conscious and to accept the spiritual messages that I require to hear and to empower my life here on Earth.  I am grateful and thankful for such an incredible, unique experience with an amazing loving therapist.  Love and Light,” –  Lucie R., Winnipeg, MB
“Ginger has a beautiful capacity to hold space for those who come seeking answers within, through QHHT.  While in session, she tuned into my essence and asked questions that I never thought of, but was so grateful to hear the answer to. Because of her vast metaphysical knowledge and practice she is able to intuitively tune into the clients needs as well as guide their sessions so that they leave with all of their questions answered and more. I couldn’t recommend her more as a QHHT practitioner” – Aimée Astärra Zia Mcgillis, Winnipeg, MB
“Having gotten two sessions from Ginger, the effects are heartfelt and profound. I have always been interested in exploring my incarnations on earth and elsewhere and suddenly, I had a chance to do so. Synchronistically, I met with Ginger who guided me throughout many lifetimes. She is trustworthy and capable of navigating the deep waters of the subconsciousness. A gift that is unique and rare, a true treasure. During my sessions I explored feelings that I have been feeling throughout this lifetime, yet was previously unable to define or place those feelings. Now I have answers as to what my purpose on Earth is, where I have been, where I am going and see more clearly where my attractions are and why. These sessions are also an ideal way of healing one’s self and to embrace all that we are. I absolutely recommend Ginger and her work as a hypno-regessionist. I have found trust in her and felt her caring soul. I am honored to have been in the presence of a record keeper.  Infinitely grateful.”  ~ Geert, Winnipeg, MB
“I met Ginger at a time when I was moving through some major shifts in my life.  The QHHT session was really helpful in clearing some things that were holding me back, receiving clarity in other aspects of my life and recognizing some repeat patterns and receive some healing around those parts of my life.  I was also able to recognize some things I value in life now are consistent with the past lives I was shown.  The process I was taken through, I believe was more in depth and comprehensive than any other form of healing I have experienced.  Ginger provided a wealth of valuable insight towards the questions I had, and past and present experiences I wanted to explore and gain clarity on.  Ginger has a warm and gentle nature.  She really listens and takes time to understand and ensure questions asked during the session are clear. I am so grateful for this powerful experience!” – L. Schroeder, Winnipeg, MB
My QHHT Session with Ginger was beautifully transformative and healing. I highly recommend booking a session with Ginger, she is courteous, wise and very professional. I look forward to my next session with great anticipation!!  She is a kind, compassionate Hypnotherapist that understands the ebbs and flows of the subconscious mind. Her wise formation of the questions I gave her for my session helped me unravel many of my own personal life’s mysteries.   I was able to come out of the session with emotional, mental and spiritual blocks removed, like old dead spiritual skin. It really felt like a pedicure for the whole soul!  I went from working by donation, to having one of the best jobs of my life, and within days a good friend became the romantic partner I had hoped for. I even managed to kick an old, dirty habit (smoking) for about a month. However, I did not follow the advice i was given, fully, and have since lost the relationship, and began smoking again. I still have the job, however!  I recently relistened to the recording and found those blocks easier to remove, the second time around. Listening to the recording helped re-establish the friendship with my partner, with hopes of rekindling that romance, but I found it harder to quit smoking. Either way, I am different, for the better, having had that experience.  Now to really put the advice my subconscious made into action, and book another session with Ginger.” ~  Twyla, Winnipeg, MB