Higher Self Wisdom Quotes

During sessions the client’s Higher Self, the subconscious, will offer advice and guidance which is perfect for them however many of us can benefit from its musings and statements as it reflects on our experiences, shares its views or offers advice.  The following are quotes shared throughout sessions I have facilitated:

“Be present.  Accept what you have been given.  Once you do, you have confidence.”
“The value of self doesn’t decrease by someone’s inability to see it.”
“This kind of work (QHHT) gets in on a cellular level and clears out what needs to be cleared.   It is so important to have this accomplished within the fragments of the soul.  It helps the mend the soul fragments.  The cells.  Its such a cellular level of healing that’s so important.”


A client visits ‘heaven’ –  Practitioner:  What is this emotion?  (client is tearful and overcome with emotion and describes seeing a trail lined with flowers which then changes to piles of fluffy white dandelion tops) 
“I felt something…it’s love.   It felt like I stopped some of it from coming in because it was too much, which I understand wasn’t the right thing to do.  It came from within because I chose to see what was there, as it truly is.  It is me.  There is no reason to stop it and I deserve it.” 


“Trust.  Trust in the process.
That you know who you are and where you need to go. That you have everything you need and you always will.”


“The time is now.” – February 2017


The Higher Self of a client answers my question:  Why does the subconscious/higher self of each person come through so differently with each client?  Sometimes there’s flow, sometimes there’s no flow.  Some speak quietly, some speak in a normal volume and others speak in a confident and loud manner?”  
 Well, because everyone is different.  There are different levels of consciousness, there are different levels of preparedness, there is different levels of frequency that can come out through different people. There is different levels of readiness of hearing everything ,of feeling it all because it is a very big frequency shift.  Some people need baby steps.  Some people need it whispered to them.  and some people need lots and some people need a little bit.  Its all based on individual needs.  Even though we are a collective and we’re all one, we still have individual needs.” 


What is the meaning or definition of embodying Christ light?
“The meaning is love and love is the meaning.”


“We gather our energy from the sky, and take it into our bodies, and so we always need to be outside and that energy from the sky loads our blood, and heals us, and is our Light energy in our body.”
“What she can do is use her breath at the same time as she feels the energy flowing up from Mother Earth, and through each of her cells, as she breaths in and out, her cells are also breathing in and out.  Mother Earth supplying endless amounts of energy and love and she can breathe it in and out from her feet to the Crown of her head, breath by breath, up through her body, through all her veins and this will help her circulation also, her veins will become more elastic if she will exercise them in this way, with her breathing.  It does not need to be for a long period of time.


“There is magic in words.”