QHHT – A Direct Flight to the Source Within

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) is a method of hypnosis developed and refined by Dolores Cannon over the span of four decades. The method accesses the subconscious level/Higher Self (theta state) whereas conventional hypnosis accesses only the conscious mind (alpha state).  Theta state is a deep state in which you experience at least twice each day, which is upon awakening from deep sleep and just prior to falling asleep.

Hypnosis is simply a deep state of relaxation allowing one to access information in various forms of perception, beyond their conscious mind, which leaves one with an understanding of themselves at the deepest level.   Deep authentic understanding allows true healing.  QHHT allows the client to experience themselves beyond the limitations of the conscious mind and many leave their session with a newly expanded consciousness, a clearer understanding of themselves and where they are at in their evolution.  A session also allows much release of feelings/energy held in the body which may be causing a myriad of issues in one’s life.  This release leads to healing and/or removal of life blocks which have led to no forward movement in one’s life.  It is a valuable opportunity to shift the stagnation and stop cycles.

“This kind of work (QHHT) gets in on a cellular level and clears out what needs to be cleared.   It is so important to have this accomplished within the fragments of the soul.  It helps the mend of the soul fragments.  The cells.  Its such a cellular level of healing that’s so important.” – Client’s Subconscious/Higher Self when asked about the benefit of QHHT

We perceive in many ways, one of which is visualization. While in this state one’s subconscious, Higher Self, is able to show you different times and places in which you have had experiences and quite often these experiences are meant to show you repeating patterns or other issues for release.  It is what you most need to see in this lifetime to overcome what hasn’t been possible to overcome on a conscious level.

There are Four Brain Wave States….

Beta – wide awake
Alpha – first alternated state which some reach during meditation, watching television or while driving.
Theta – second altered state and the deepest level of trance. This is where one receives the pictures and the memories.  It is a sign your have accessed your subconscious (some say over soul, higher self or higher conscious) which has the answers we seek.
Delta – asleep

We reach the theta state twice each day. Once, as we awaken and also just as we drift off to sleep. The moment we awaken is a time we can recall our dreams before we get up out of bed and begin operating from our conscious mind. The QHHT method accesses this state which allows your Higher Self to be more present where it then has the opportunity to take you on the journey of experiencing one or more past life experiences while in a deep state of hypnosis. As a practitioner, I am simply your guide in a process that comes from within yourself.

What Benefit Is There to Visit Past Lives?

One might ask, ‘What benefit is there to visit past lives?’ A good question.  What has been discovered is that the experience offers one the opportunity to access the answers you seek in this present life experience, as your higher self shows you past life experiences which quite often reveal an understanding of what is taking place in this lifetime. Understanding of one’s present life and past life experiences often leads to release and healing.  Life patterns can be witnessed, often revealing the reason behind life blocks, which cause us to start and stop our progress through life in a variety of areas.  Experiences which occurred prior to age four are quite often not recalled and we unknowingly hold and store trauma in the body.  yet if there is anything to release, your Higher Self will make you aware of it, prior to releasing it. By simply witnessing past lives and the messages they encompass, we tend to let go of what needs to be released in relation to the message. Each also receives a recording of their session to listen to as often as their Higher Self suggested during the session, to further lend to healing and their Higher Self connection as they move through life.

Can I Be Hypnotized?

What is important to note when approaching a session is that it is your time to relax, let go and allow the process.  The process is very easy.  All hypnosis is self hypnosis.  The practitioner is helping you reach this deep state of relaxation.  To help yourself let go, trust and respond to the questions with the very first thing that comes to you.    When asked to imagine or see something, add in as much detail that you can using all of your senses.  While you do this your conscious mind will recede further and further.  Its that easy!

With each of us at various levels of consciousness, some report being in a lighter, more consciously aware state, yet having the full experience their Higher Self is offering, while others may not recall much at all and need to listen to their recording to reabsorb their session and its guidance on a conscious level.

Higher Self

Your may recognize your Higher Self as you hear yourself use words and knowledge that are not common to you, as you refer to yourself in the third-person and/or feel an energy attunement as it heals your body.  This may be tingling, heat sensation or a visual of Light.   As you later re-listen to the recording you may not recall speaking much of what you are hearing which is your Higher Self coming in to offer guidance.  Each individual will reach various levels of Theta state given their level of readiness and willingness to let go.

Past Lives/Parallel Lives

Once the client reaches the theta state, their higher self will choose one or more past (parallel) lives for them to experience or witness.  In some of these experiences we have a physical body, while in others, we may be purely higher energy.  What is shown assists the client on their journey of understanding their present life experience.  Quite often one may witness something in truth, which allows them to release that block or limitation that they didn’t understand nor realize they had yet once the correlation is made, it releases.   Past lives may also show you what you have experienced before, that you feel you lack in this lifetime which allows us a full understanding that we have had a full realm of experiences and we are not limited to this lifetime.  The Higher Self often reminds that we are born ‘forgetting’ all that we are so that we can move through this lifetime in a state of learning as we’ve set goals prior to reincarnation to learn or achieve.

Body Scan

During sessions your higher self will scan your physical body and energy body for energy blocks which manifest for a variety of reasons in the body, during one’s present life or past lives, which your higher self will reveal before clearing it away to allow your energy to flow.  Energy blocks lead to dis-ease in life.  Either physical or emotional dis-ease.  If you have a block, your higher self will reveal where the block originated which will further lend to your understanding of how blocks form so that you can be conscious of it.

QHHT sessions also allow clients to experience their consciousness in fullness and to recognize there is a conscious side to themselves and a Higher Self that is present, always.  Clients leave their session with the ability to recognize each of them and may continue to strengthen the power of their Higher Self, with intention.


QHHT offers ‘experiencers’, formerly known as abductees and witnesses, an intimate truthful view of their experience from the vantage point of an ‘observer’.   Viewing what had actually taken place and gaining a sense of who they had been in contact with, often allows a full understanding of the contract made prior to incarnation and the agreement that the experience would take place.  This is very healing for many who would like further understanding and release of fears they may have.  Following the session, many clients feel a sense of having let go of the fears or blocks surrounding the unknown and those living beyond Earth (Gaia).

Session Timelines

Sessions are divinely timed but commonly span 2 to 3 hours for the interview phase and 2 to 3 hours for the session itself.  This will vary among each client.

We begin with a pre-session interview which will allow you to relax fully.  During this time we review pivotal points in your life, we discuss the family soul group along with any issues you may be having with your body.  Blocks in life which may be presenting, if any, will become known during the interview which allows myself to ask more about them during your session and request that your Subconscious/Higher Self release them.  The list of questions you have for your Subconscious is also reviewed during the interview.

As mentioned above, the QHHT session begins with an Induction phase which has you participate in using your right brain to visualize and as we go deeper into the induction, your Subconscious/Higher Self (right brain) will begin to take over and lead the session.  Your Higher Self always has your best interests as its top priority