My fascination with the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) began in 2005 when I started reading and enjoying Dolores Cannon’s books, which contain content derived from her personal QHHT sessions with her clients. It was just prior to this that I had witnessed a very large fluorescent green, oval object beaming in the night sky, over the highway.  It was mid-way through the drive that I witnessed this and after ruling out all else, I knew it could be none other than a ‘ufo’.  Since then my awareness and consciousness expanded to the point where I needed to learn more and my dream state changed considerably but overall, the experience led me to seek out the answers by studying the likes of Edgar Cayce, Lee Carrol’s channelings, Abraham/Hicks’ law of attraction teachings and the power of geometry.  It was also at this time I met a gifted and wonderful energy healer who was the first to introduce me to my true self, my cycles of limitation and to see beyond.  I’ve experienced the benefit of moving beyond cycles and would like everyone to have this opportunity.

Over the years I also became aware of a magnetic energy in my hands and was fortunate to be shown how to utilise this energy while in the Theta state, at a time I was waking up from sleep/dream state.  I have also felt guided to become attuned to reiki as a student of Usui Mikao’s method of reiki, the healing touch.

To date, I have had the opportunity of receiving several personal QHHT sessions myself over the years, with each session being unique and exactly what I needed at the time, on this journey.  I knew distinctly that the first time I experienced it, it had unlocked and opened an awareness within my conscious self, that there is a greater part of myself that I was not only unaware of, I wasn’t accessing it.  From that day forward I began to acknowledge it,  access it and became empowered by it.

I must say, to meet with the clients I have I have worked with so far, has been deeply humbling, not only as they share their individual journeys with me but also to facilitate and witness their session, alongside their subconscious, higher self.   The moments following a session it is clearly written within the expression, that they have just met more of themselves and witnessed more of their experiences than ever before. Forever enjoying the connection to their Higher Self (Creator, Subconscious) that was always there.  It is work that most definitely feeds the soul and my never ending curiosity.

At present, I conduct sessions within the province of Manitoba.  I do expect that I will conduct sessions wherever I travel but at this time my focus is upon the Heart of Canada.  I look forward to meeting all of you!

Sweetest blessings,

Ginger Starr
Level 1 QHHT Practitioner
Level II Usui Reiki Pracititoner


To schedule or inquire about about the QHHT method or session rate, contact Ginger at higherselfqhht@protonmail.com.